Wear-green effort lacks respect

Re: People urged to wear green for Canada Day, May 29.

To the Editor,

Re: People urged to wear green for Canada Day, May 29.

I think it shows shameless audacity to use Canada Day to promote the green movement’s political views and even worse, to desecrate our flag as in the picture for this item.

While I have reservations about the size of the government’s omnibus budget bill, I have none whatsoever about cutting the size of our bloated civil service.

When any government department is faced with necessary budget cuts, it’s the job of highly paid bureaucrats who run those departments to establish priorities and determine how best to attain them.

And it’s the job of people like Dana Haggarty to present their case to senior staff for adjustments rather than cry to the bill paying public.

Hackneyed claims like “dismantling of environmental protection programs”, “government’s attack on democracy” etc. are too far over the top to take seriously.

The comment that, “This government doesn’t have the mandate to do what they’re doing” is absurd and indicates an ignorance of elected majority governments.

And this country “dismantled bit by bit”? I’m trying to stop laughing.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Bob Jackson tells us that “DFO has been mandated to cut $73 million from its budget”, but omits telling us how much the total budget is, so how de we determine how severe the cut is?

On Canada Day, I won’t show a lack of respect for our flag by defacing it and I’ll wear red and white (possibly Calgary Stampeder garb).

Eco-zealots can make spectacles of themselves in green if they want to. It’s part of democracy.

And I hope Haggarty’s educational leave is at her expense rather than on us taxpayers. It might be nice if it included some teaching on the damage created by government deficits.

Jim Corder