Trustee will focus on educating kids

NANAIMO – Re: September start better for break, Letters, May 7.

To the Editor,

Re: September start better for break, Letters, May 7.

Valentina Cardinalli may have a point about starting the school year later in the summer, but I am not sure where she gets the idea that trustees “agree a two-week spring break is disruptive to the children academically.”

The board was clear in its decision to proceed with a two-week spring break.

While I believe a longer break does have some negative impact on getting back in gear for kids, the staff, parents and children I speak to every day have overwhelmingly expressed disappointment with the Nanaimo District Teachers’ Association’s decision not to accept a ‘final’ offer to settle this contentious issue that would see approximately $400,000 redirected to services directly affecting classrooms.

That’s money that goes a long way to addressing the lack of adequate funding coming from the province.

This board is acting in the long-term interest in educational outcomes, and as a trustee, I will not be influenced by any one group or another, but rather will do what is best for the entire district.

Teachers and support workers are the backbone of a good education. Children and educational outcomes for the long-term must be the focus on every single issue and will continue to be.

Bill Bard

Nanaimo school

district trustee