Transportation far from a draw for Nanaimo

NANAIMO – Re: Transportation design vital, Energy Solutions, May 25.

To the Editor,

Re: Transportation design vital, Energy Solutions, May 25.

Is Ian Gartshore serious?

Since when do people in a small city like Nanaimo choose to live here because of the transportation infrastructure?

We moved here in 2003 and transportation didn’t come into play at all.

We chose Nanaimo because it represented house pricing that was reasonable, had many facilities including good shopping, and had a climate that we liked.

Nanaimo is spread out along Nicol Street and Terminal Avenue because people want single-family dwellings, not highrise condominiums.

The former take land while the latter add density and higher tax revenue for the land used.

Our property taxes are among the lowest of any province if we live in a house we own.

And contrary to the tone of Gartshore’s article, Nanaimo has many walking trails, bicycle paths, green corridors and sidewalks for pedestrians and bikers.

Businesses look for  an educated, trained and available workforce with ease of transporting goods to market and getting raw materials – not for the amenities for the population.

If the city is attractive, then there will be those types of people available.

J. Sharpe