Traditional trades offer many job opportunities

Re: Traditional jobs, Sept. 3.

To the Editor,

Re: Traditional jobs, Sept. 3.

Your feature on traditional trades is very informative and timely.

While the specific trades covered do not present huge growth opportunities, it brings to mind that there are many other traditional trades where there are good prospects both now and in the future.

We have an older, largely imported job force which will be retiring in the next few years. Importing qualified personnel no longer happens to a major degree, e.g. machinists from Britain and Germany  with qualifications in numerical controls are still machinists by any other name – robots have not taken over completely.

What about finishing carpenters, electricians, plumbers, cooks  (already discovered by many), and brick layers with future shortages? Unfortunately, not all these prospects will come in Nanaimo, but that’s nothing new.

In fact, with trained workforces, investors might well look to consider moving here.

The trouble is that many counsellors and parents don’t see anything other than a degree for young people. How many BAs do we really need?

Surely the time has come for those advising their sons, daughters and students that there are many other options than those currently on offer.

Stu Donaldson