Tougher laws needed

Re: Province, city review riot aftermath, June 18.

To the Editor,

Re: Province, city review riot aftermath, June 18.

We have to look at the reasons for this atrocity more than someone to blame.

It seems more than just a little foolhardy to invite 120,000 people to a BYOB party where tension and anxiety reign supreme.

Some years ago our government passed a law that made all people 18 and under exempt from any punishment from all crimes they wish to commit. Not even a slap on the wrist.

The damage was mostly caused by an under-30 group who were brought up under this asinine law. Their freedom to commit violent acts only fills them with hate.

The movies kids watch today are mostly filled with violence, hate and destruction. The games they play on their Playstations are mostly filled with shoot, kill, destroy.

Why does the government allow the manufacturers of such items to fill our kids heads with such crap?  With access to such beautiful toys, what else can we expect them to turn into?

Some end up hating all rules and regulations. They become apathetic as they grow older.  Some refuse to get involved in anything worthwhile, such as making our world a better place to live in.

Our governments make many people angry by passing such laws that are crippling our society, but only idiots revert to anarchism.

If we could only get more people to get up and vote, and get more politically involved, we could avoid a lot of this nonsense.

We must get rid of the law that mollycoddles our young offenders, and put the responsibility and accountability back on the perpetrators and their parents.

Give the parents and teachers more leeway when it comes to discipline.

Nature turns chaos into order. We are turning order into chaos.

Just look at our ecosystems or our economy. Just look at your kids’ bedroom.

John A Martin