Tories digging into offensive attack tactics

Re: Election enters fiction stage, Letters, April 23.

To the Editor,

Re: Election enters fiction stage, Letters, April 23.

I found it odd but true to form that Charles Reid omitted so many facts from his letter.

As I recall, we were about 15 minutes into this year when the Tories started running their ‘Iggy’s proud to be an American’ garbage. This was well before the contempt of Parliament and Carson debacles.

Since then, they’ve dug themselves an even deeper hole and really gone on the offensive. It must be obvious even to Reid that Stephen Harper was gunning for an election New Year’s Day.

Wait until we get the full auditor general’s report after the election to see how out to lunch Harper and Jim Flaherty are on planes, prisons and that group lobotomy G8 summit.

My take on ‘the hidden agenda’ is different than the letter writer. In a stunt worthy of the childish ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue’, Harper borrows this term to describe the opposition. He’s proven that he thinks he knows best and acts accordingly.

Jack Layton had the courage to visit the lion’s den (Gilles Duceppe’s riding), proudly voted against the lemmings, seems destined to gain seats and faced personal health issues, while Harper is the same old, lame old guy who hid behind the Governor-General’s skirts, prorogued Parliament and broke his own election rule.

Then, of course, there are those famous, or is that infamous, five-question press conferences.

There has been massive buyer remorse in every jurisdiction that has elected right-wing governments these past few years. Why would it be any different here?

With a week to go, the error of omission will be often repeated, giving new meaning to the term ‘the blues’.

Grant Maxwell