Time to let hotel go

NANAIMO – Re: City's efforts to entice company to build hotel next to Vancouver Island Conference Centre

To the Editor,

I have been following the conference centre hotel story with interest and I am very concerned that our civic leaders, in their desperate attempt to rectify the conference centre mistake, will be adding  another fiasco to it.

If you make a mistake, isn’t it better to admit it, learn from it and move on?

If Mayor John Ruttan truly wants to leave a legacy, I have a suggestion: forget this hotel. It is a recipe for financial disaster for the taxpayer.

There is no enduring legacy of the conference centre decision, why would we think the hotel will be any better?

How about fixing up the Colliery dams? That legacy will be experienced by our community every day in a deeply meaningful way.

Mayor Ruttan will go down in Nanaimo’s history as a man with vision, able to see that future generations will look back and be eternally grateful for what was decided. This is a no brainer.

R. Hunter