Time running out for dam decision

NANAIMO – Many city residents have a deep association with Colliery Dam Park and its lakes.

To the Editor,

Time is fast approaching for the recommendation with regard to the fate of the Colliery Dam Park dams.

I pray that a wise decision is made by city council. City staff is in a fixed position in its thought processes and have lost all objectivity.

There are people on council who understand the deep association many Nanaimo residents have for those lakes.

The key is for the willingness to preserve them. I appreciate that people are willing to sit on council and make tough decisions and it must be acknowledged that they will never make everyone happy, no matter the decision.

But this whole situation was handled despicably in the first place and the result has been a mess. Let’s hope they do the right thing now and fix the dams.

Let the children and families of the south end, Harewood and the rest of the city continue to find enjoyment and peace at these beautiful lakes.

Judy Forbister