Term ‘rabbi’ used for teacher, as a mark of authority

NANAIMO – Re: Etymology of ‘holiday’ has two meanings. Letters, Jan. 8.

To the Editor,

Re: Etymology of ‘holiday’ has two meanings, Letters, Jan. 8.

Greg Demmons needs to practice what he preaches and do some proper research on the bible.

Among other things, “rabbi” means teacher and although there were specific requirements for the office of rabbi, one of which was to be married, it could also be used as a mark of respect for anyone who taught.

Everyone who heard Jesus teaching was amazed, because they recognized that He taught as one having authority, even though He had not gone to school.

Furthermore, Jesus was never married. Assuming He was, simply because He was called Rabbi, displays a total ignorance of the bible.

Back to your research, Greg.

P.D. Good