Tennis club aims to run respectable restaurant

Re: Tennis club, neighbourhood at deuce over land use issue, Oct. 22.

To the Editor,

Re: Tennis club, neighbourhood at deuce over land use issue, Oct. 22.

Some people have expressed concern about increase in traffic that our restaurant brings to the neighbourhood.

I would like to bring attention to additional causes in the traffic volume of the Westwood Lake area and express that our business will operate with utmost professionalism.

Westwood Lake Road is the primary access road to Westwood Lake Park, beaches, and Westwood Lake Camping Ground.

Arbot Road, where we are located, is also the main road to access a mobile home park, an RV campground and resort, the Westwood Lake Tennis Club, the Bethlehem Retreat Center, a parking lot for access to the lake, and the Mill Road neighbourhood.

We truly believe that the 20-25 cars a night that our restaurant brings over a period of three hours is negligible.

In the history of the Westwood Tennis Club (more than 30 years), never have the RCMP come to the premises for any sort of infraction, whether it be liquor intoxication, rowdiness, excessive noise or non-compliance with our liquor licence.

I presently own, along with my wife, two other licensed establishments in our city with an impeccable record. We will operate this business at Westwood Lake with the same respect to our neighbours and clientele as we do the Wesley Street Café and the Café Bakery Mon Petit Choux.

Gaetan Brousseau