Taxpayers’ interests forgotten by council

Re: Social housing needs open minds, Opinion, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Social housing needs open minds, Opinion, Sept. 15.

I can’t believe the audacity of city hall and its elected officials in voting for the Uplands Drive site for low-barrier housing.

City councillors were elected to look after the taxpayers’ best interests, but instead, they chose not to. They did the cowardly thing and voted for something  without even consulting the people it would affect the most.

What about the taxpayers rights who live in that area?

My sister is a social worker and she has dealt with the support workers who work in these facilities. Low-barrier housing is a revolving door of people coming and going.

When facility residents break the rules and get kicked out, they end up in the surrounding areas causing problems.

The city and police are trying to give the surrounding community reassurances regarding their safety, but talk is cheap. With the shortage of police and resources, a call to the police regarding any illegal activity on your property will no doubt be treated as a low priority.

Considering the fact the city went behind the community’s back to approve the housing site, I am unfortunately inclined not to believe what they say anymore.

This issue had a lot to do with the mayor, council and the lack of respect for its taxpayers and making decisions to further their own political agenda.

This issue may not directly affect you, but the city’s handling of this issue does. Just wait until they try to pull this again, because I guarantee you, it will happen again.

B. Bialik