Supportive housing is most effective

Re: Social housing supporters step up, Nov. 15.

To the Editor:

Re: Social housing supporters step up, Nov. 15.

The article on the Green Light Project for supported housing came as a boost to my sometimes flagging faith in our community.

I overcame my public speaking anxiety to speak at the city council meeting where they eventually voted to continue the Uplands Road housing. The issue just seems too important not to stand up.

The position of the Concerned Citizens of Nanaimo and their candidates depresses me.

Coming to Canada from the U.S., I hoped to leave prejudice and fear-mongering behind. This election will tell a lot about our character in this city.

True leadership often calls for telling people not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

In this case, people need and deserve to hear reassurance that the housing isn’t a threat to peace and safety in our city and neighbourhoods.

On the contrary, helping people find safe, affordable housing reduces their troubles and need for emergency and judicial services.

For years I worked in programs that included supported housing for those with psychiatric and other disabilities, including chemical dependency.

It is the single most effective thing that can be done.

Vote for a welcoming community that has room for all.

Paul Glassen