Supporters need to follow rules

Re: Citizens’ group draws fire for election efforts, Nov. 12.

To the Editor,

Re: Citizens’ group draws fire for election efforts, Nov. 12.

The group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Nanaimo admits it has spent more than $500 and provided a list of supported candidates. But they claim they were not aware of rules governing campaign organizers and they did not check prior to endorsing candidates.

Not aware of election rules? Full-page ads, thousands of flyers printed and distributed – sounds like many times more than $500. Who’s funding this group?

Joan Harrison, Nanaimo’s chief election officer, says the CCN was potentially a campaign organization, but an investigation would have to come from the local RCMP.  RCMP spokesman Gary O’Brien says they had a complaint, but it was turned away because there was no evidence.

Isn’t the statement of the CCN representative evidence? It’s virtually a confession.

Political organizations and parties that campaign on law-and-order platforms often turn out to be the most lawless, acting as if they are above the law.

The CCN is waging a scare campaign portraying the prospective residents of social housing as users of illegal drugs and petty criminals.

And yet the CCN failed to check the election laws before undertaking its expensive campaign of public persuasion.

Are we to elect the candidates associated with the CCN? Have people running our city with so little regard for the rules?

I am noting their names as people to keep out of city hall.

Paul Glassen