Support for downtown leads to stiff penalty for parking

NANAIMO – Letter writer stepped away from vehicle for a few minutes to get change for parking meter and gets a ticket.

To the Editor,

I parked downtown, went into my wife’s store to grab a loonie, waited for a couple minutes because she was helping someone, back out to the car, put the loonie in.

After depositing the coin, I see there is a ticket.

Went straight to City Hall to dispute it, only to find out I have to leave a phone number and can’t speak to anyone.

A couple of weeks later, I get a letter informing me that there is “no evidence or reason to dispute it” and that I have to pay $25 and go to adjudication to proceed with my dispute.

I now have a $40 ticket for parking downtown and supporting downtown business.

Who decided this was a good idea?

Ben FridayNanaimo