Student needs economics lesson

Re: Pickets loom for VIU profs, March 10.

To the Editor,

Re: Pickets loom for VIU profs, March 10.

It’s pretty clear that front-page poster-boy Taylor Stacey hasn’t taken any basic economics courses.

On the one hand, he decries education funding ‘cuts’ and student loan interest rates while on the other, he supports higher wages and/or benefits for university staff.

Like most young people and public service union workers, he appears to believe that we taxpayers are an endless source of revenue, ready if not willing, to fulfill their every wish.

Newsflash for young Mr. Stacey. With any luck, he’ll eventually be part of the workforce and once he’s seen the amount of tax coming off his paycheque, he too will understand economics 101.

Namely that every dollar going into his poor, underpaid professor’s pocket first comes out of someone else’s.

Randy O’Donnell


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