Staff’s work ultimately responsibility of Clark

NANAIMO – Premier Christy Clark rightly takes the heat for her staff's actions.

To the Editor,

Re: Review of Liberals’ ethnic strategy finds ‘serious breaches’, March 16.

The outrageous behaviour that took place in the B.C. Premier’s office is almost old news.

Premier Christy Clark has apologized, dismissed her deputy chief of staff, announced the repayment of misappropriated funds and promised to adopt the recommendations of an internal government probe.

A recent photograph showing Clark’s beleaguered face says it all. Her office staff got caught with their hands in the taxpayers’ cookie jar and she was forced to confess.

Somehow Clark managed to avoid any direct responsibility, but countless British Columbians must suspect she had to wipe a few cookie crumbs off her face before appearing in front of the cameras.

Lloyd Atkins