Socialists show double standards

Re: Environmental groups unfairly represented, Letters, Dec. 13.

To the Editor,

Re: Environmental groups unfairly represented, Letters, Dec. 13.

Liz Fox defends the funding of Canadian environmentalists by large American foundations.  I recall her party, the NDP, crying foul when early in their first mandate the Conservative Party invited a Republican strategist to speak to their convention.

Yet she’s fine with American foundations spending more than $300 million since 2000 tp influence public policy through Canadian environmentalist front groups.

The U.S.-based Oak Foundation for example, paid the Global Campaign for Climate Action $5 million, “To mobilize civil society and public opinion in Canada…to undertake massive public organizing”.

Apparently an America colossus attempting to influence Canadian public policy is legitimate, while an American guest speaker at a party convention is not.

Oh, but wait.  Didn’t  the B.C. NDP just have a well known American address their convention?

A past member of the Obama administration, community organizer  and self-proclaimed communist was well received and applauded by her party, once again affirming that if it weren’t for double standards, the socialists/progressives would have no standards at all.

Randy O’Donnell