Social housing site not suitable

Re: Support, opposition emerge, Oct. 13.

To the Editor,

Re: Support, opposition emerge, Oct. 13.

Jim Routledge, the latest champion for the proposed supportive housing development in Uplands, is not merely a citizen who “took it upon himself to learn more about supportive housing.”

He was instrumental in changing the city’s zoning bylaws and he also hopes to become Nanaimo’s next mayor.

It seems Routledge, a developer and a builder, has much to gain from the construction of this proposed project.

The concerns of Fred Kardel, who lives within one kilometre of this ill-conceived project, are far more relevant.

The safety of the elderly and young children is more important than a housing facility that is unsuitable for those who will eventually live there.

They need to be near facilities that cater to their needs, something that isn’t currently available in the north end.

Cathy Kotzé