Social housing efforts deserve public support

Re: Social housing needs open minds, Opinion, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Social housing needs open minds, Opinion, Sept. 15.

First I ask people where their heads are, thinking drug addicts and alcoholics are not people. Every single person in this world starts out the same.

Children do not ask for abuse, neglect or parents who are bad examples. No one grows up thinking, “Gee, I want to have an addiction when I grow up”.

Think about this when opposing the new wet house.

Addiction is everywhere in this city. It so happens the south end has it bad because it has more poverty there. The north end is fairly new, so of course it is going to be worth more.

Any of those rich folks who think ‘not on my street’ or worry their taxes will go up – you are wrong. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Instead of treating these people like scum, treat them with respect. Some of these homeless people could be young teens, mothers with small children. They are not all addicts or alcoholics.

I have lived in north Nanaimo since 2003 and have enjoyed it very much. Yes, it is nice and you do not see the ‘riff raff’, as some people may say, compared to the south end.

I am drug-free for two years, married, have a small child, no record, have a job and live in the north end. Does that make me a harm to society?

Help if you want to change things, do not sit on the sides and complain.

T. Jensen