Smart meters a scary prospect for future

Perhaps we should be calling those wonderful smart meters marketing meters.

To the Editor,

Perhaps we should be calling those wonderful smart meters marketing meters.

Once installed, they will be able to do some of the most incredible things.

Should you have the need to buy a new refrigerator, it will already have installed a reader that will be able to not only tell your meter how much electricity you are using, it will be able to read the bar codes on the contents of your fridge.

The marketing world would love to know how much and what type of orange juice you drink, how often, the time of day and, yes, even the brand you prefer.

That same smart meter can send out a signal to activate the passive transmitters that are now embedded in many products such as clothing.

They (Hydro) will be able to tell their commercial subscribers when you may be due for some new underwear so that custom advertizing may be directed your way.

Big Brother is not just watching you, Big Brother is marketing you and now there is a big fat new marketing tool to sell you more stuff.

The technology already exists for you to be invaded by thread transmitters, whole fridge bar code readers and even can openers that will be able to communicate through your smart meter to your local grocery store.

That way the store can suggest to you that you may be out of beans and should buy some more.

Thanks to our government and its Clean Energy Act, Big Brother will not only be able to watch us, he will be able to take care of us, assess our needs and empty our wallets.

Alan MacKinnon