Smart meter program doesn’t make sense

Re: Hydro investigates smart meter concerns, Letters, May 8.

To the Editor,

Re: Hydro investigates smart meter concerns, Letters, May 8.

I read Ted Olynyk’s letter and now I’m confused.

He stated it was a colder winter at the time smart meters were installed. But Global National TV reported a warmer winter across Canada, with B.C. being  2.7 C warmer.

Can Olynyk tell us if the smart meters are really working as stated on B.C. Hydro’s website. It is my understanding that the data collection system still has to be installed.

Olynyk stated lots of benefits for smart meters, like faster response to power outages. But B.C. Hydro can tell something is wrong from the current control stations already in place.

Other benefits are new tools to help save energy that we have to buy as per B.C. Hydro’s website, and safer delivery of power by reducing theft and making it safer for workers, as per the website. B.C. Hydro has found many sites where power was being stolen and they let it keep happening without telling first responders (except the police), endangering their lives.

I was told the smart meters were part of a bigger deal done in some back room. Strange that when it comes to other Hydro projects, the public has a chance to have some input, but smart meters are just pushed on us.

Who should we believe?

Ron Lychak