Seniors have skills available

Re: Seniors could solve worker shortages, Jan. 14.

To the Editor,

Re: Seniors could solve worker shortages, Jan. 14.

As an unemployed senior who is not ready to retire, I must say I could not agree more.

Although they are training young people as heavy equipment operators in Nanaimo daily, part of my work history includes just that skill. I have more than 7,000 hours on various types of equipment, have already made all my mistakes and am aware of both my and the machines’ limitations.

I have also spent 20 years in the welding industry, primarily welding aluminum deck rails, driveway gates, etc.

Although I believe 20 years is long enough to subject my body to the abuse of welding, I also have extensive experience in measuring and design of railing products. This type of experience cannot be obtained in a trade school.

It saddens me to think of all the untapped potential that presently exists and is not being used.

Rod Hancock