Senate must be abolished

NANAIMO – Abolish that gross insult to our democracy, the Senate.

To the Editor,

Abolish that gross insult to our democracy, the Senate.

Federal and provincial governments all claim they will “reduce the size and cost of unnecessary government.” They all admit that Canada is over-governed.

A memo to the prime minister and premiers: Do what your principles claim and abolish the Senate.

The Senate is an embarrassment to the very concept of democracy. It is a disgrace that Canada maintains an appointed legislative body when most of the world finally agrees an assembly elected by the people is the proper way to govern.

Our Senate is nothing more than a haven for political hacks chomping at the taxpayer funded trough. Enough – end this disgrace now.

No real friend of democracy (federal or provincial) would stop a constitutional amendment abolishing the Senate. Get on with it and save more than 80 million wasted dollars a year and Canada’s dignity.

In the interim, just fund it $1 per year. Let’s see if any Senator stays on the job as a volunteer.

Gary Korpan