Senate helps check power of government

NANAIMO – The Senate scandal might be an excuse to try to restrict the powers of the Senate, or abolish it, says letter writer.

To the Editor,

I note that there have been several letters recently recommending the abolishment of the Senate.

The authors of these letters should look up what the Senate is supposed to be doing. That is taking a sober second look at proposed legislation and recommending changes that would make the legislation more appropriate for the citizens of Canada to live under.

What the public in Canada  desperately needs is more senators who have integrity and are not Prime Minister Stephen Harper bootlickers.

I fear that Harper will take the opportunity of the Senate scandal as an excuse to try to restrict the powers of the Senate, or abolish it.

Since he has stacked the majority of the Senate with his own Conservative loyalists, he does not really have to worry about them blocking any laws he wants to push through Parliament.

It must, though, be a bother to him  that he even has to have them go through the formalities of also approving his proposed laws.

A conscientious and impartial Senate is all we have to prevent a government like Harper’s from running completely amok with no restraints at all.

I suggest that some restraint and balance  was the intent of the founding fathers of our original constitution.

Keith Wyndlow