Season residences spur local economy

Nanaimo is not, nor will ever be, a tourist destination.

To the Editor,

Re: Man committed to doomed system, Opinion, Aug. 13.

Your column was right on.  Adam Smith, the Scottish fellow who we admire for his take on economics and capitalism, came to the belief that all was not correct in his theories after seeing, first hand, the underdog versus the top dog.

Sometime, if you are  mulling over the finances that Nanaimo city fathers pore over, out and about to attract tourists to this town, you might want to write about such stupidity.

Nanaimo is not, nor will ever be, a tourist destination.

It cannot compete with Vancouver nor Victoria.

What Nanaimo can become is a great place for seasonal residences to live. Such people, primarily retired, pay top dollar in property taxes and regular taxes imposed on the populace.

Such folk are not entitled to medical benefits nor free passes.

Every penny they spend is not reimbursed in any manner back to them. Sure beats a handful of boat people purchasing a magnet for their fridge, a one night motel fee and perhaps a breakfast and dinner for those motoring about.

The Town of Hope, for goodness sakes, has a bigger write up in some tourist books than Nanaimo.

Erika and Hamish Hall