Science centre a great proposal

Re: Input sought on science centre plans, July 31.

To the Editor,

Re: Input sought on science centre plans, July 31.

The Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society is proposing a science centre in Nanaimo and the city wants to hear if residents support the idea of using public park land for it.

It seems to me that a hands-on science-education facility where kids and adults can spend time exploring and learning about nature and technology is an entirely worthwhile endeavour.

This is something the city should be 100-per cent supporting and helping in any way it can.

This is not a matter of sacrificing park land for development. It is a matter of providing public land for a very worthwhile public use.

Kids these days are often intimidated by math and science and exposing them to the interesting displays and models at a science centre is an experience of discovery that can pay big dividends to society as a whole.

We take most technology for granted in these days; however, technology is also the solution to many of the world’s social and environmental problems.

But unless we encourage the next generation to be critical thinkers and innovators we may end up just living with the problems we create rather than solving them and improving our quality of life.

I hope this science centre will find a home in Nanaimo and help to motivate some young people to become innovators and problem solvers.

Fred Kardel