Saving two million puts citizens at risk

NANAIMO – Re: Councillor proposes late cuts to budget, April 25.

To the Editor,

Re: Councillor proposes late cuts to budget, April 25.

Why is a small group of city councillors attempting to amend the budget for taxpayers in view of the fact that council and management attempted to give millions of dollars to someone to build their pet hotel?

But they should attempt to save money at the risk of damage to people and property by reducing the budget for police and fire protection and hindering the enjoyment of citizens in city parks?

It would appear the high cost of bureaucrats handling the business of the city is not a consideration in this “fair” budget revision. There are mention of minor cuts to management pay and costs, but union costs are ignored.

It is also interesting another councillor complained the proposed revision was plopped in front of councillors, who had no inkling such a change was being considered.

It would seem that this councillor objected to the fact that this proposal was done in secret – almost akin to an in camera meeting.

D. F. Connors