Safety and security concerns relevant

Re: After four nights of discussion, housing plan hearings closed, May 14.

To the Editor,

Re: After four nights of discussion, housing plan hearings closed, May 14.

The four nights of public hearings were appreciated by those people who spoke.

Many of the people who spoke against the proposed housing plans took the time to do a lot of research before speaking. This research was done on their own time and with their own money.

I sincerely hope that the efforts that many people put into this is being seriously considered by all of the city councillors and the mayor.  There is nothing wrong with the city saying it needs time to revisit this proposal and to make sure it takes all of the necessary steps including neighborhood input.

In August 2006, the Nanaimo Alcohol and Drug Addiction Coalition published a report. On page 6 of that report under the heading Community Safety there were two statements of interest: “Women and seniors felt most at risk in downtown Nanaimo and avoid downtown due to safety and security,” and “Nanaimo safety audit (telephone survey) stated that the primary deterrent to visiting downtown Nanaimo was the possibility of encountering open alcohol and drug use.”

Now the city wants to move the problem from downtown streets into the neighbourhoods. When the report stated safety and security concerns then, it is still true today and more so in residential neighbourhoods.

Eleanor Nielsen


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