Revitalized downtown still requiring money

Re: City spending helps downtown, Letters, July 14.

To the Editor,

Re: City spending helps downtown, Letters, July 14.

Please, J. Sharpe, get up to date.

Downtown is revitalized already. The money being spent there now is for the bloodsuckers on these committees.

Two years of procrastination on the conference centre? Try two failed starts at the old Malaspina Hotel. Both failed because of government red tape.

The second failure saw Nanaimo taxpayers pay out more than a $1 million settlement.

The last two mayors and councils did not listen to former city manager Jerry Berry when he told them the woes of their direction.

They built the Port of Nanaimo Centre without having secured grants, whined later, but ultimately taxpayers are the suckers that pay again.

I really hope people like Sharpe and downtowners feel good with their heads in the pork barrel.

Neil Saunders