Responsibility means helping those in need

Re: Somalia needs world attention, Opinion, Sept. 13

To the Editor,

Re: Somalia needs world attention, Opinion, Sept. 13

Having volunteered to distribute food to the needy at my church’s food pantry, I have witnessed the pain of hunger first hand.

I agree that it is past time to act on ending the suffering in Somalia, and help those outside of our existing boarders.

The subject of charity is a very controversial issue and many individuals in this country have mixed feelings.

Some strongly point out that we should first worry about our own country before going outside to help others.

However, after reading this editorial I think many people cannot ignore that something must be done, especially when 750,000 lives are at stake.

As a nation, we need to look at all the good things that we have within our reach and share them.

I believe that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet, and that it is our responsibility to help the ones who are truly in dire straits, the children.

Ana Hernandez

West Hills, Calif.