Responsibility lies with driver

NANAIMO – Re: Pedestrian struck and killed near hospital Friday evening, Nov. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: Pedestrian struck and killed near hospital Friday evening, Nov. 27; Cyclist killed in nighttime collision with vehicle, Nov. 20.

I was thinking about my driving this past week.

The newspapers reported first the death of a young cyclist and then the death of an older pedestrian on our streets.

The reports included numerous mentions of the ‘errors’ made by both the cyclist and the pedestrian. Perhaps some car drivers felt relieved of responsibility, but not I.

When I drive my car, I am responsible for where and when I steer it, daytime or dark, rain or shine. The phrase, “too fast for conditions” comes to mind when we read of these collisions.

The police caution cyclists and pedestrians about early darkness, but that means I, as a driver, must be more vigilant.  After all, it is not the kids, pedestrians and cyclists who are doing something that creates a public safety hazard.  No, it is we in our cars.

A two-tonne motor vehicle is as potentially lethal as a firearm.  And if we were carrying a firearm, would the police just warn others to keep out of our way?

Automobiles kill 30 deer per month in Nanaimo, one a day, every day, year round. We accept that as part of the convenient use of our cars.

How many pedestrian, cyclist and child deaths will it take for us to regard our use of our cars with more concern?

Paul Glassen