Reserving on ferries will penalize tourists

Re: Coastal ferry fares reaching ‘tipping point’, Jan. 26.

To the Editor,

Re: Coastal ferry fares reaching ‘tipping point’, Jan. 26.

Hopefully, somebody in the government who has the authority and a little bit of common sense will read this.

It’s time people in B.C. realize that the ferry system is part of the highway system and as such, I do not need to make a reservation to use the ferry, anymore than I do to use the highway, or any other road in the province.

Neither do the tourists that help this province’s economy.

Does anybody in government have the slightest idea what would happen to this economy if tourists stop coming here?

Do any of them have the slightest idea why any tourist or other traveller should call ahead to reserve a ferry, or have any idea of how difficult it would be for some, assuming they had the number, or that they knew how to find it?

If they want to reduce fares for those who do call in advance, that is one thing, but to penalize those who do not is so ludicrous it doesn’t deserve any comment, except to say that this is just another example of the B.C. Liberals’ incompetence.

P.D. Good