Reputation of dogs a result of breeding

Re: Pit bulls’ bad reputation undeserved, Letters, July 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Pit bulls’ bad reputation undeserved, Letters, July 24.

We need to use historical facts when describing the temperament of a  breed of dog.

The pit bull was developed through breeding and cross breeding right back to Roman times. It has 1,000 years of instincts that are bred into the makeup of the dog that include fearlessness, muscular stature and protective nature.

Let’s look at facts, laws and insurance requirements that are only relevant to the pit bull.

In some U.S. states, owners are required to carry bite insurance on this breed. In many areas on the planet, the pit bull is not allowed to be owned or bred. Many airline companies will not even transport this dog.

Pit bulls are responsible for 30 per cent of deaths when it comes to bite attacks on humans.

These dogs are very loyal and will protect their yard, home and family. This happy dog can turn territorial and see red if they are trigged with an event that appears threatening.

The fearless, loving animal that you talk about can and will turn into the monster that is bred into its genes. The power that these dogs have in their jaws can clamp, shake and break a child in an instant.

Think you can break a cycle of 1,000 years of breeding a fighting species of dog with a bit of training and kindness?  Put it in the situation where it thinks it needs to protect you or your family.

All I can say is that you should be prepared to use ammonia or a stick to pry its jaws open.

And before that happens, make sure you have enough insurance.

I do not trust these dogs in public places without a muzzle.

Most deaths caused by these dogs happen in their own yard. If you have one of these dogs in your yard, do everyone a favour and put warning signs up or muzzle it.

Insure it, muzzle it, train it and treat it with kindness.

Matt James