Recycling service should co-operate with consumers

Blue containers should be re-used to accept at curbside glass containers and plastic materials.

To the Editor,

Since Nanaimo residents are by now fully versatile in separating food waste from trash, and recyclables from glass, plastic or Styrofoam, the blue bag/containers should not be eliminated as planned. Rather, blue containers should be re-used to accept at curbside glass containers and plastic materials and ship them to Multi Material B.C. drop-off sites. The new, blue scheduled pickups could be made at intervals that coincide with other regular pickups. This will save the city a bundle on collection cost. Everyone else that would otherwise need to drive to one of MMBC drop-off locations and waste gasoline and time, would benefit as well.

To transport individually boxes of Styrofoam, bottles, pickle or jam jars to specified MMBC drop-off locations  is not an environmentally friendly solution. Given that MMBC is a non-profit corporation there should be no objections to co-operate with the citizens.

Do not eliminate blue box. This is an opportunity to expend and actuality get some benefit from residential recycling by MMBC.

Zlatko ZvekicNanaimo


To the Editor,

I cannot believe that the worst item that pollutes, plastic bags, are not to be included in our roadside pickup.

A lot of people will not drive out of their way to go to one of the drop-off centers. They’ll find it easier to just stick them in their garbage can. Even using my cloth bags, I still end up with too much plastic.

Let’s use the blue bags for plastic bags only – we already have them in use now but won’t need them after May 19.

J. TowleNanaimo