Recycling making a mess of neighbourhood

NANAIMO – Recycling depot on Victoria Road should clean up neighbourhood, say letter writers.

To the Editor,

I’d like to thank the previous mayor and council’s spiteful decision to approve the recycling depot’s move to Victoria Road after public outcry that we did not want it in our neighbourhood at all.

Now, exactly why me and the neighbourhood didn’t want it is happening, a short month after its grand opening.

Abandoned shopping cars and plastic bags, a new crop every day, line View Street and area, just as we knew would happen.

The recycling depot is a bad neighbour to even move here when not wanted. Now clean up your mess.

Neil SaundersNanaimo


To the Editor,

Now that the new recycle place is opened up on Old Victoria Road, the whole neighbourhood has been inundated with shopping carts. Would it not be unreasonable for the recycle facility to have a place that these carts could be left for pickup by the stores they belong to or whoever picks them up?

I counted a dozen carts along View Street alone in one afternoon and I’m sure they will still be sitting there for the next few days.  If this was the north end this would not be tolerated. So why is it allowed to happen in the south end?

Now that the recycle facility has opened up it should take some responsibility for the problems that have arisen with its opening. Keep our neighbourhood clean.

S. FisherNanaimo