Recycling costs foisted on citizens

NANAIMO – Re: Recycling unlikely to save the world, Reporter’s Viewpoint, Jan. 22.

To the Editor,

Re: Recycling unlikely to save the world, Reporter’s Viewpoint, Jan. 22.

I agree with Toby Gorman’s reasoning in the article.

Change to shift all costs of blue box recycling from civic taxpayers to industry will only cost consumers and taxpayers more.  Industry will pass it on and even profit by doing it.

The sermon goes that by recycling, gathering kitchen waste, separating stuff in green, yellow, blue or rainbow coloured containers, we are doing something for the future generations and our world.

However, it appears that we have unwillingly became part of a clever arrangement.

We pay for the stuff that we get to sort gratis for the recycling corporations. Then we also get to pay for transportation to recycling depot or corporations.

All of this for the good cause of saving the world from pollution? One diaper at the time. I am paying for it but I am not buying it.

Furthermore, are we not overlooking the fact that some of our actions are actually accelerating the arrival of the polluted future here?

The city is paying premium dollars to a recycling corporation to accept the green bin contents, but since that particular “save the world” operation started, the most disgusting odours and air pollution from the Duke Point organic waste recycling and such operations has brought that distinctive and unique Third World slums stink to Cedar, Extension and South Nanaimo.

Zlatko Zvekic


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