Recall legislation harmful to B.C.’s political system

To the Editor,

Re: Effort to recall MLA continues, Feb. 5.

We should get rid of recall. It is bad for our political system, a waste of time, a waste of money and an unproductive distraction for those representatives who govern our province.

When we, the voters go to the polls to elect our representatives, we vote for the party that the candidates are standing for.

Recalling the elected candidate is not fair to the party that we supported with our votes. In all fairness, even if an MLA is recalled, their party should have the right to appoint a replacement MLA, to serve until the next regular election.

After all, it is not the party’s fault one or two of their faithful may be deemed unfit by their constituents. This is the only way that our duly elected government can properly continue to govern the people of British Columbia.

Let’s all get behind our party, get rid of this recall nonsense and carry on with the business of running the province as it should be run – by the party we elected.

Alan MacKinnon