Rabbits rarely a wise Easter present

NANAIMO – Parents need to rethink a decision to give a child a rabbit for Easter.

To the Editor,

I have made it my mission to do my part in helping all those abandoned rabbits that were once loved and wanted but are now thrown away like they are just one of today’s disposable commodities.

The city needs to ‘hop’ up to the plate and be part of the solution to the rabbit problem in Nanaimo and other communities.

The solution is not to cull these poor creatures that have had no say in their current predicament, but to literally ‘fix’ it at the source.

Like other cities in the province, Nanaimo needs to adopt a bylaw of banning the sale of rabbits in pet stores and tightening the laws of breeders, requiring spaying or neutering before adoption.

The problem of rabbit overpopulation has escalated to its current state due to irresponsible pet owners who seem to have the mentality that pets are not a lifetime commitment but a disposable item like an old pair of jeans you get rid of when you’re tired of them.

As Easter approaches, dozens of parents will give into the pleading children who want that soft cuddly bunny.

After a few weeks or months, the novelty wears off and poor little bunny is left caged up sitting in a corner forgotten about, until mom or dad take it for a car ride.

They are usually dumped in a park or wooded area so some of the guilt felt can be alleviated by thinking that they will be fine because there is lots of grass and leaves for them to eat.

However, by dumping your rabbit, there is also a lot more for the dogs, cats and owls to eat.

I’m begging people to please rethink their decision before getting a rabbit as they are a lot of work and can be quite messy.

This advice is from someone who has saved nearly 200 rabbits and has depleted her finances on spaying/neutering and other veterinarian bills.

If after Easter you still think that a rabbit is meant for you, please do the right thing and give a rescue rabbit a new chance at a long and ‘hoppy’ life.

Kris Pilon