Public servants rule over their employers

NANAIMO – Taxpayers/voters need to get rid of city council.

To the Editor,

How long will the people of Nanaimo continue to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to getting rid of Nanaimo city council?

Why would anyone elect a politician who ignores them? As an employer, if I had an employee who chose to ignore the one who pays him, he would cease to be my employee, quickly.

In the last couple of years, Mayor John Ruttan and council have ignored the very people to whom they’re supposed to be accountable. Take a look at the fiascoes including the Nanaimo harbour, low-barrier housing and now Colliery Dam Park.

If, instead of allowing developers who wanted to build homes on the flood plain below those dams, council had used some common sense and refused, maybe they would be able to think straight, listen to the people who pay them and come up with a plan to reduce the water behind the dams.

P.D. Good


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