Province is hiding truth about fracking

Why not put more of our tax dollars and attention to the creation of alternative energy?

To the Editor,

Recently, I attended a town hall meeting regarding LNG and the process of its extraction. Documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist Damien Gillis and scientist Eoin Finn presented excellent research and visuals on this subject with both local B.C. and national information.

The real truth about fracking is very disturbing. The process of fracking is destroying our clean water supply, our long-term health, our environment, wildlife, etc. Why are we not being told the entire picture by Premier Christy Clark and her government? Why does she just talk about job creation and money made on a short-term basis without any mention of the very serious and long-term negative effects of fracking?

Instead of creating relatively few jobs leading to serious public health and safety issues for entire communities and our west coast, why not put more of our tax dollars and attention to the creation of alternative energy?

Lynn BurrowsNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Province promotes LNG, Jan. 13

I personally realized fracking wasn’t ‘clean’ because a cocktail of chemicals is added to the water used to blast rock formations thus making it easier to fracture them. But that was about all I knew, so I attended the presentations on Jan. 28 at the Beban Park social centre.

I learned, for example, that Premier Christy Clark’s promise of jobs for minimum wage voters like those flipping hamburgers raised their hopes they’d soon be swapping spatulas for highly paid spanners when B.C. ‘gets fracking,’ but, unfortunately, her promise doesn’t hold water. To say the least, working with highly explosive petrochemicals requires knowledge and experience you can’t pick up in fast food restaurants.

If developing LNG in B.C. creates more jobs, it will logically be only for trained foreign workers.

Edwin TurnerNanaimo