Province in need of new faces, plans

NANAIMO – Revolving governments not the answer for B.C.

To the Editor,

Reading and listening to the media and their vilification of Christy Clark and the Liberal party is disturbing.

The male talk show hosts and their guests, along with the print media, have spent the last few months putting down the government without one word of what happened under the NDP and its special interest groups the last time it was government.

It also has a ring of male chauvinism.

I am not a Liberal and will not be supporting them in the next election, but once again the media is doing a job on the governing party with very little of what to expect from those seeking government.

Do the Liberals or NDP really deserve our vote? Both these parties have declared they will continue the carbon tax – a tax that the auditor general pointed out has done nothing to save the environment as our emissions remain the same and  are likely to rise.

This while China with 1.3 billion people and India with one billion people continue to pollute the environment with no consequences.

My vote will go to the fledgling party the B.C Conservatives who have promised to remove this tax.

We alone cannot save the world, and it is time we in B.C. quit paying a penalty for the rest of the world. It’s time for new faces and new ideas.

Gardo D. Gurr