Proposal for marina raises questions

Re: Critics float marina worries, Aug. 7.

To the Editor,

Re: Critics float marina worries, Aug. 7.

A private company wants a 30-year lease (for an undisclosed amount) on our harbour.

This company promises to spend millions of dollars on improving the wharves and the infrastructure and they plan to do so and still make a profit.

Am I missing something here?

How can this private company pay a lease, (which we don’t have to) make improvements and still make money?

Do they have a magic bullet?  Is this something that only they can do?  Something that we, the owners of the harbour, can’t do?

After all these years of making huge yearly profits through the Harbour Commission, are we going to just hand over everything to a private company and lose the control of our harbour along with the benefits and the profits that we as a community derive from it.

Is the ‘Harbour City’ suddenly too lazy or too inept to husband our own jewel of a resource for our own benefit? Do I ask too many questions?

As a taxpayer in this lovely Harbour City, I begin to wonder if our city fathers have begun to suffer from some form of dementia.

Alan MacKinnon