Proportional voting system better reflects people’s will

Dysfunctional and antiquated, winner-take-all electoral system needs changing.

To the Editor,

So, the omnibus budget bill passes.

The farce that has become our federal parliament has imposed a number of regressive laws and regulations that were never mentioned by the Conservatives during the last election campaign. Surprise, surprise.

Despite Stephen Harper and cronies’ pronouncements that they are now simply responsibly responding to the majority mandate given them by Canadians, remember that only 39 per cent of all votes cast were for the Conservatives, therefore 61 per cent were not. That is no mandate for such sweeping changes or the power to prostitute the democratic process so blatantly and scurrilously.

There’s an old legend that tells of a man, despite his fear of snakes, saving a venomous cobra’s life. The cobra then fatally bites him. As the man is dying, he asks, “Why did you bite me after I just saved you?” “I couldn’t help it,” replied the cobra. “After all, I’m still just a snake.”

Canada will continue down the road toward becoming a war-mongering, climate change-denying banana republic until our dysfunctional and antiquated, winner-take-all electoral system is changed to a more proportional one in which our votes are truly reflected in the government we get.

Over to you, fellow citizens.

Jordan Ellis