President-elect recognized discord in U.S.

Just as many in the papers I read denounced Hillary Clinton’s lack of honesty and ethics.

To the Editor,

Re: U.S. election can be a lesson, Editorial, Nov. 15.

I’ll agree that many in the print media bashed Donald Trump’s boorish style, and rightly so, but just as many in the papers I read denounced Hillary Clinton’s lack of honesty and ethics.

I think that Trump recognized the discord that has been building in the U.S. He saw it, took full advantage of it and probably contributed a bit more to it. But he can rectify that once the protesters realize that civilization hasn’t collapsed and put away their signs.

I found the paragraph in the editorial calling for “Trump-speak” to be removed from Canadian rights and freedoms a bit reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984.

And lastly, the comment that Trump voters cared more about celebrity than substance reminded me about how our own foppish prime minister got elected. Did we set the example for the Americans?

Jim CorderNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Trump beats the odds, Letters, Nov. 15.

This letter is deeply disturbing on many levels. I must agree with him though in his assertion that Donald Trump can “see what others were blind to and remake history.” He did indeed see the deep dissatisfaction of a sector of the American population that is afraid of immigrants and refugees, is unable to accept a woman as president, is angry that the present president is a black man, that blames immigrants and the establishment for their own lack of economic success, and that longs for the good old days of American industrialization that was lost to globalization for the cheap goods they love to buy at big box stores.

Then of course there is the to-be-expected odds of a Republican government following a two-term Democrat (and vice versa).

The most outrageous assertion is that somehow God has made Trump president by divine appointment. Oh, wait, is the whole letter a great satiric spoof?

Liz PardeyNanaimo