Pot referendum a waste of money

Why would we spend millions of provincial tax dollars on this cause?

To the Editor,

Re: Pot activist signing up volunteers, Aug. 27.

Your article leads me to ask several questions.

First, with so many needs for funding for such services as medical needs for seniors, keeping our schools open and the school meal program, why would we spend millions of provincial tax dollars on this cause? Is Dana Larsen footing the bill for the referendum?

Secondly, how will an increase in the availability of marijuana benefit the youth of B.C.? There is a downside of marijuana use and the developing brains of youth are particularly at risk for long term problems. Our track record of keeping tobacco out of the hands of children is not good and the same will happen with marijuana if it is openly available in the home.

My  third question is about money. There have been numbers published about the $6-7 billion being spent on marijuana use in Canada each year as well as numbers about regulating this substance and taxing it at the point of sale. Will the tax money come directly out of the household budgets of Canadians and increase poverty across our nation? I assume the money will filter up the line to support supplier CEO pay packages and politician expense accounts.

Ordinary Canadians pay again.

Ernie McClareNanaimo