Politicians deserve to lose council seats

Re: Social housing plans should be stopped, Letters, Oct. 1.

To the Editor,

Re: Social housing plans should be stopped, Letters, Oct. 1.

As a resident, schoolteacher and parent in north Nanaimo, I am shocked and dismayed by our council’s decision to approve social rehabilitation housing beside the Hammond Bay firehall that will undoubtedly increase the incidents of crime in our area, including drug trafficing only steps away from Dover Bay Secondary School and McGirr Elementary School.

This decision by council displays a flagrant lack of judgment that is almost beyond the scope of belief.

Nanaimo MLA Ron Cantelon’s descripion of the project as “courageous and a positive step” further demonstrates that some of our public officials lack any sense of responsibility to the safety of our communites and our children.

It would seem that, to most of our council members and at least one MLA, the rights of criminals and drugs addicts supercede the rights of our children to walk to school in safety.

Thankfully we still live in a democracy.

On election day, please take the time to vote and send a strong message to this council that its actions are not acceptable.

Any council capable of such an irrational decision is not fit to govern our city. Vote them out.

And for his part in this project, remember Cantelon’s position when you cast your provincial ballot in 2013.

Daniel Companion