Political will could solve deer population woes

NANAIMO: Politicians have to get off their hands and solve the booming deer population.

Would someone please explain to the general population the purpose of the urban vermin commonly known as deer?

Are these animals a food source for humans? No. Are they an essential part of the environment? No.

Many people go to great expense and effort to keep their yards, farms, etc., nice only to have these pests destroy their work.

I do not understand the thinking of our powers that be to protect these nuisances. I’m sure if the country was overrun with rats, or other vermin, there would be no hesitation to eliminate them.

There are those who will say deer are cute and were here first. I call them a traffic hazard.

And I have lived in the same house for 41 years and don’t believe any deer have lived that long. So, I was here before them.

I understand conservation officers and animal services people are only carrying out orders from politicians, so it’s time the politicians quit sitting on their hands and did something about deer overpopulation.

Taxpayers are fed up.

Let’s do something.

Art Dowsell