Plenty of ‘talk’ of global warming

Re: Few people talking of global warming, Letters, May 26.

To the Editor,

Re: Few people talking of global warming, Letters, May 26.

I’ve heard many arguments against human-made global climate change, but the one about not-enough-people-are-talking-about-it is a new one to me.

Just because we are having a cooler spring than normal in our region this year (due to the normal variations in climate) does not mean that the whole Earth is not becoming warmer.

To believe that our weather (or even the weather across Canada) represents the entire planet is myopic at best.

This short-sighted view fails to consider the suffering already being felt by the increasingly extreme weather events in Manitoba (more flooding), tornadoes in Missouri (worst in decades), increasing number of droughts all over the globe, and fast-rising weather-related costs for insurance companies, plus the fact countries such as Canada are rushing to stake claims for natural resources in the Arctic as the ice melts faster than was predicted only a few years ago.

If this small sample of examples isn’t enough ‘talk’ for the writer, then I don’t know what will be. Only when his home gets hit with an extreme climate catastrophe?

I hope not.

Ian Gartshore