Planet poisoned for perfect lawns

Re: Fears based on misinformation, Letters, June 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Fears based on misinformation, Letters, June 2.

Robert Wager of Vancouver Island University is peddling poison by promoting a system that does not apply the ‘precautionary principle’.

He does not account for the cumulative, synergistic effect of toxins on the human body. If you breathe fumes in a closed garage from a gas car one day, then ethanol the next, then diesel and so on (each being within the ‘allowable limit’ set by governments as prescribed by industry through Monsanto ‘scientists’ whose job is to find answers that maintain their pay and stock options), what are the long-term effects on our bodies and our environment?

Safe levels of lead, mercury, carbon monoxide and Roundup? Safe levels of bullying, spousal abuse, sexual abuse? Safe levels of clear cutting, drift net fishing, toxic fish farms, open pit mining, tar sands, burning coal, nuclear power plants, etc?


Humans have grown food naturally for thousands of years before corporations like Monsanto found ways to profit from chemicals invented during the Second World War by using them in their war on nature in agriculture.

Arrogant, egoic, incessant meddling with the complexities of nature by ‘scientists’ acting as shills for yet more profit seeking and empire building is the prerogative of a sick cancerous culture, hell-bent on killing its host.

Anyone with a beating heart and a willingness to listen to their toxin-laden gut knows that we must stop this madness. Some day soon, those selling us this ponzi scheme, the blind greedy purveyors of poison and death, through pseudo-scientific methods and emotionally bankrupt thinking will become the villains of history. Those who fought for living in a kinder, gentler, lighter, less destructive, more sustainable manner will be the heroes of this century.

Poisoning our earth and our children for perfect lawns must be stopped. These corporatistic, parasitic profiteers must be exposed, they must be stopped; we will make that happen.

Dirk Becker