Pit bulls’ bad reputation undeserved

I am writing this letter for the many responsible ‘pit bull’ owners out there.

To the Editor,

I am writing this letter for the many responsible ‘pit bull’ owners out there.

I am a professional, civil servant, law-abiding citizen of British Columbia and a proud, responsible pit bull owner.

I take my pit bull everywhere; he is well obedient, very kind, and playful. These descriptive words are from the many people he has met in his young life.

Like many of the responsible pit bull owners in this province, we too have socialized our dog positively, taken our time to train, and successfully obtaining his Canine Good Neighbours certificate. Our pit bulls can be seen daily playing with all sorts of dogs, especially small ones.

Since his two best friends at home are Pomeranians, he seems to know when to play like a big dog and change his approach when he frolics with the small ones.

I know for a fact that there are many pit bulls out in our community that have the same temperament.

It is disappointing for me to read and hear about negative situations regarding pit bulls.

Sometimes after asking questions, researching the negative incidents that occur, I find out that it was not even a pit bull that caused harm.

What I would like to suggest to the media is for them to practice not labelling the headlines ‘pit bulls’ of any negative form, but to just state ‘dog’ or ‘irresponsible dog owner causes harm’.

I feel strongly that if the media can start posting the names of irresponsible dog owners, then it will put pressure on them to register their dogs appropriately.

This will let local animal control keep a better eye on the delinquent.

I also from time to time glance through local classifieds under dogs; to my surprise I find many backyard breeders of pit bulls.

Real responsible pit bull owners condemn this practice due to so many of these dogs are bred, abused, and given up because irresponsible owners are too lazy to raise them properly.

Therefore, society and media embrace this negative belief that all pit bulls are bad. I cannot stress enough that pit bulls are dogs, and irresponsible owners are bad.

Darren Lee